wedding Sparkle

Top quality wedding decorations for sale

Wedding Sparkle was the leading wedding decoration hire supplier in Yorkshire. We bought lots of professional-grade wedding decorations which we hired to thousands of happy couples.

During the pandemic, weddings stopped and so the Wedding Sparkle team had to find something else to do. We are now selling our professional quality stock, Some of it is used and some is brand new. All of it is top quality. If you are planning your wedding then check us out, You might find yourself a bargain

We are listing on eBay; go take a look.

If you are thinking that the wedding decorations journey is something that you want to try, then why not buy an established brand? Should anyone be interested in buying our brand (logo, rights to use the name and the domain) then contact me directly using the form on this page. We can even build you a website.

  • Glassware – lots to choose from
  • Floating candle bowls 3 sizes
  • Black stretch chair covers
  • Organza chair sash – loads of colours
  • Table runners
  • Table decorations
  • Organza rolls
  • Organza
  • T-light holders, various not all listed
  • Table sprinkles
  • 12 x  70 cm tall Martini glass vase
  • 10 x 25 cm Martini glass vase
  • 3 different size floating candle bowls.
  • Marc Aurel vases
  • Tall e-tower vase with all the crystals and lights (1 off’s)
  • 7 Tall cream candle/flower stands are seen in the photos below  Not listed as yet
  • Party bags
  • Sweet jars
  • Faux flowers (roses. red, blue. hot pink, cream, snow rose, gold, orchids pink white various bags not listed as yet
  • Bauble vase (built-in Light)
  • Lots of rolls of organza new rolls part used and longer
  • Trees with lights and boxes not listed yet
  • 2 large manzanita trees might need a little fix but o

Any questions?


    Just ask if you are interested

    • silver Lanterns (smaller)
    • Flowers lots n lots
    • Fairy lights
    • Submersible lights

    Still listing 

    A taste of what we have for sale